What Are Your Options If You're Injured By A Car On Autopilot?

While the flying cartoon cars depicted in the Jetsons never quite materialized with the advances in technology over the last several decades, automation continues to rule the highways -- with more and more vehicles developing "autopilot" modes that allow the car to brake, shift, accelerate, and even change lanes with no action by the driver. However, while these autopilot features can nearly remove human error from the equation, they're not foolproof themselves, as several recent accidents have indicated.

Moving Out Of State? Beware Of These 3 Traffic Violations

Are you packing up your belongings and getting ready to move to a new state? If so, traffic tickets are likely the last thing on your mind right now. However, if you aren't careful during and after your move, you could put yourself at risk of getting pulled over for a traffic violation. Read on for 3 violations to be wary of during your relocation to a new state. Obstruction Of License Plate

How To Get A Lighter Charge If You Are An Accomplice To A Crime

If you aided someone in a crime in any way and were charged with the crime, you could be held responsible for it even if you did not really commit the crime yourself. If you are in this position and are wondering what will happen during your criminal trial, there are several things you should know about accomplices and the way the law views them. What Is An Accomplice? When a crime is committed, the person responsible for actually committing the crime can be charged with the crime; however, anyone that may have helped this person complete the crime may also be charged with the crime.

Injured Playing An Amateur Sport? What Are Your Legal Options?

Participating in amateur sports as an adult can provide you with lasting friendships and a great source of stress relief. While the majority of children -- nearly three in every four -- play at least one sport during childhood, only one in four continues this participation in sports as an adult (despite the clear physical and mental benefits of doing so). However, whether you play a competitive contact sport like football or roller derby or a less physically intense sport like golf, you may be at risk of injury.

Your Post-Divorce Budget: Items You Might Not Have Correctly Identified

Once you've decided that divorce is the only option for your current situation, the considerations quickly turn to finances. From retirement portfolios to property assets, the messiest part of the divorce is often the allocation of the couple's financial resources. When you consider that the quality of your life depends on your ability to sustain it financially, it's easy to see why so much time and effort is spent on money.