3 Things You Can Do To Help Prove Wrongful Termination

If you lose your job because of discrimination, retaliation, or another form of wrongful termination, you must prove it. A wrongful termination case, especially in an at-will employment state, can become an uphill battle without evidence pointing to the possibility of wrongful termination. Here are a few ways to go about proving wrongful termination. 1. Write Down All the Details Write down every detail about the situation you can remember. Every detail can count in a wrongful termination case, so you should start documenting the situation the moment it happens.

2 Ways To Save Your House From Foreclosure

Lenders today will often initiate the foreclosure process on a house after a borrower misses just one or two house payments. When a lender begins this process, the homeowner must work hard and fast if he or she wants to prevent losing the home to the bank, and there are two main ways to do this, (other than paying off all the arrearage in full). One option is through bankruptcy, and the other option is through a loan modification.

3 Reasons To Hire A Construction Attorney When Planning An Apartment Building Project

Working on an apartment building project can be very exciting, but you might need some help. In addition to hiring the right construction crews to help with the building part of the process, you will also probably want to hire a construction attorney to assist you with getting your building project going and making sure that it's completed the right way. If you're wondering why you might need a construction attorney to help with your apartment building project, think about these benefits of hiring one of these attorneys.

What To Expect During Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case will last up to five years from the time the plan begins, and your life will be different than normal during this time. While there will be changes that occur because of this plan, it can really help you overcome debt issues and creditor collections, and this is why people choose to use it. Here are several things you should expect while you are going through your Chapter 13 case.

Executor Of An Estate? Signs You Should Hire A Probate Attorney

Accepting the role as the executor of an estate can be a very hefty responsibility. Trying to round up the beneficiaries and making sure everyone gets what the deceased person assigned to them can take some serious work. If you find yourself in this position and start feeling overwhelmed, you should know that there is hope. Here are a few of the top signs indicating that you should hire a probate attorney to help you through this time.