Issues That Might Lead to a Direct Disqualification for Disability Payments

The authorities that regulate disability payments set very strict rules that every applicant should comply with when applying for benefits. Applicants should also comply with regulations when they qualify for the payments. Failure to follow these laws can lead to disqualification, which could make you face financial challenges if you don't have another source of income. For this reason, you may want to know the actions that could lead to this action and the measures you should take to restore the benefits. You can get this information when you consult an SSD attorney. They will want you to know the following.

You Might Get a Disqualification for Breaking the Law

You might get a disqualification for violating the terms of the Social Security Administration or SSA, which might include engaging in crime, fraud, or leaving the country. The SSA might also discontinue your payments if you resume work and earn more than the minimum amount sent by the administration. The law also requires you to keep updated records and give the agency time to change details when you have a new address, new job, or when you change your relationship status. This information will enable SSA to know whether you have increased income that might disqualify you from getting disability payments.

A new income or an increase in your salary might automatically disqualify your claim. Therefore, you may want to contact a lawyer immediately when your financial situation changes. They will represent you in your case to explain that the money you're earning does not probably make a huge difference to your livelihood. Therefore, they will ask the SSA not to discontinue your payments.  

You Might Get a Disqualification If You're Able to Work

When you lose your social security benefits, you might decide to look for a job to enable you to get money to support your family. While this might eliminate your financial stress, it might make you fail to get disability payments in the future. The SSA may assume that you have recovered, and they might never accept another application for disability. When this happens, you want to enlist the services of a lawyer to help appeal the decision to continue getting the payments. They will use your medical reports to prove that your condition has not improved and you're struggling to perform job duties. The SSA might reconsider its decision and continue paying your disability benefits.

Discontinuation of your disability payment might make it challenging to get medical care and provide for your family. Therefore, consider hiring a social security disability lawyer to challenge the decision to enable you to continue receiving the benefits.