3 Workplace-Related Injuries That Deserve Compensation

Every work environment presents a risk of injury. Therefore, you should always observe the set safety regulations, even when working in seemingly safe areas. But no matter how careful you are, you can face injuries for reasons beyond your control. 

If you get injured due to someone's negligence, seek immediate legal help from a workers' compensation lawyer. They will take over your case to safeguard your rights and pursue your deserved payment. Considering that, here are three work-related injuries that deserve compensation.

Vehicle Accidents 

As a company driver, you are at risk of collisions due to the recklessness of other motorists on the highway. A collision can leave you and your passengers with severe injuries. In the worst-case scenario, the accident can be fatal. 

Typically, all companies should take the necessary measures to protect their drivers. That includes training them on the stipulated road safety rules. Even so, company drivers get involved in road accidents due to the negligence of other motorists. When this happens, your employer should instruct your company's legal team to file a case in court on your behalf.

Fall from a Height

Contractors must provide the right equipment and ensure it is firm to prevent injuries. They also have to take the necessary measures to protect workers who work on tall buildings or use dangerous machinery. 

Failure to do this exposes builders to the risk of falling from stairs, rooftops, ladders, and other high structures. Unfortunately, many accidents resulting from falls at construction sites result in disability or death. In this case, the affected worker or their family members can sue the project owner or contractor for injuries or wrongful death.


Live electricity wires can be risky if left naked. For example, workers can experience electrocution when they touch them accidentally when working. Such wires may also start a fire, causing burn injuries among workers. Furthermore, underground cables can lead to severe injuries if employees working around underground cables and power lines hit them accidentally.

Employers should warn their workers against electrical hazards. Besides that, they should take immediate measures when an employee reports an electrical problem on the premises. Ignoring these obligations can put them in trouble when an employee sustains injuries resulting from an electrical fault.

You deserve compensation if you suffer injuries at your workplace. But you need to contact a workers comp attorney for guidance. They will start by evaluating your case so they can craft your lawsuit. Then, they will file a personal injury case to ensure that you get compensated.