Why You Need an Employment Attorney If You Get Fired

Being fired from a company can be one of the most challenging things to go through. You are suddenly out in the world with no job, and you have to figure out what comes next for yourself now that your life has been turned upside down. And it's not just about losing your job; it's also about how you feel when you're going through this process. For many people, this is the worst moment because there's so much anxiety involved with finding another job on such short notice. If you're going through this experience, you need an employment attorney by your side. Here's why:

File a Complaint

Many things can cause an employee to be fired. It could be that the company is restructuring, cutting costs, or eliminating positions. You may have also abandoned duty or been found to be incompetent, insubordinate, and dishonest in reporting work hours to management. Whatever the reason for your dismissal, you can file a complaint to get benefits.

An employment attorney can help you with this task. They'll write and file a complaint with the Department of Labor that's in charge of investigating such claims. If the investigation reveals you're fired illegally, you may receive benefits such as unemployment, workers' compensation, and back wages. Your employer will also be charged or fined because of their action.

Negotiate Settlements on Your Behalf

When you're fired, you may not be able to get the severance package or benefits you were expecting. Some companies may even force you to sign an agreement that says you won't take legal action against them, which may be a violation of your rights. Others may require that you give up your right to pursue legal action against the company in exchange for benefits when they're terminated. 

An employment attorney can help you negotiate a settlement, so you get what's owed to you. This will increase your chances of getting better compensation and protect your rights.

Defend You Against Discrimination Claims

When an employer fires someone because of their race, gender, religion, age, or other protected class status, that person may have a discrimination claim against them. An employment attorney can help you determine if your claim has merit based on the particular circumstances of your case. They'll show that your employer's decision was motivated by discrimination and not a legitimate reason. They'll also tell you what to do to increase your chances of winning your case.

If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job and want to pursue legal action, you should contact an employment attorney immediately. They'll use your state's laws and procedures to bring an accusation against your employer for wrongful termination.