Facing A DUI Charge? Here's What You Should Know Before Accepting A DUI Plea Deal

A DUI plea deal is a negotiated settlement designed to ensure that your case doesn't go to trial. In your plea bargain, the prosecutor will agree to reduce your charges or lower your sentence if you plead guilty to your pending DUI case. If your case has complex factors or you're likely to head to trial, seek the services of an experienced DUI lawyer to ensure that you attain a satisfactory plea. That being the case, here are a few critical considerations before accepting a DUI plea deal.

Be willing to make compromises

Never walk into a plea discussion with the idea that you won't back down for anyone. Such a move may work against you because prosecutors likely won't cut a deal with individuals who cannot communicate properly or are combative. If you're aware that the available evidence isn't in your favor, chances are you won't walk scot-free. If you take note of this before walking into a meeting, you increase your chances to compromise. To be on the safe side, ensure that you speak with your DUI defense lawyer.

Not every plea deal is right for you

As you prepare for your plea deal bargain, never expect that it will always end in the best result. Your plea could result in your license revocation or a hefty fine when you would be okay with spending a few weeks in jail and avoiding such penalties. Therefore, before you accept a plea deal, speak to your DUI lawyer about what you could face if you decide not to take a plea. A good DUI defense lawyer will advise you on the course of action that best serves your interests.

Think about the immediate consequences

When you agree to a prosecutor's plea deal, you'll be admitting guilt to a DUI offense for a lesser sentence. Admitting guilt and establishing a criminal record have more consequences than the crimes you were accused of. For instance, if your job requires a clean criminal history, you may find yourself unemployed. Additionally, If you intended to gain citizenship, you may find yourself facing deportation. That's why you must understand the repercussions of your DUI plea deal before you accept it.

A DUI charge can have severe consequences, like losing your driving privileges, among other financial penalties. You may also have difficulties in different areas of your life, like getting a job. A DUI plea bargain may help reduce the effect of a conviction on your life, but it's not always the only tool. Speak to a DUI lawyer to help you evaluate the best cause of action for your case.