Considerations When Hiring A Long Term Disability Attorney

Workers' injuries and illness can result in long-term disability. In such events, workers would be unable to work and thus miss their regular income. As an employee benefit, employers provide workers with a long-term disability insurance cover. The cover provides compensation for the lost income resulting from long-term disability. However, following up on the disability claim can be a stressful experience especially when one is suffering from the injuries and illness. Fortunately, you can engage the services of a long-term disability lawyer. Such attorneys have the expertise to shorten long-term disability claims duration and achieve better outcomes. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a long-term disability attorney


There are different types of attorneys in the legal field. Each attorney specializes in a particular field of law. Therefore, it is important to engage a lawyer who specifically focuses on long-term disability claims. Ordinarily, there are many technicalities involved in the successful determination of a disability claim. When you hire a lawyer, you want to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, and experience dealing with similar cases. In this way, you can have the assurance that the lawyer can offer counsel and representation in ensuring claim approval, appeals, or litigation. 

Local Attorney

There are many benefits of retaining the services of a local long-term disability lawyer. Broadly, such a lawyer maintains social contact with the community members. Therefore, it is easy to seek references on the lawyer's reputation through local social networks. Then, a local attorney is likely to offer affordable services given that there are lower travel costs needed. Also, such a lawyer can provide adequate consultancy given their proximity. Importantly, the proximity means that the long-term disability lawyer can easily interact with the insurance adjuster and access your medical practitioners for expert opinion. 

Flexible Payment Method 

Lawyers have different payment methods. For instance, some lawyers charge a fixed fee for the entire legal service. Others will request for an hour retainer when they are acting on your behalf. Then, there are attorneys who charge a contingency fee, meaning you only pay upon recovering money from the long-term disability claim. Thus, check with the attorney and given a choice, select a contingency payment method. That way you will get access to legal services and pay when you can afford it. Moreover, contingency payment motivates the lawyer to achieve claims recovery. 


One of the most stressful experiences is engaging an attorney who is unavailable. In this case, availability means having a lawyer who makes time to attend to your case, meetings, negotiation, and court appearances. Such commitment enhances the speed of a claims determination. Again, the ideal lawyer should be responsive in communication. In this way, you will have regular updates on the process. Therefore, it is important to consider availability and response to communication right from the start of the process. 

Accessing long-term disability benefits is complex, engaging, and time-consuming. Having a long-term disability lawyer to deal with your employer and insurance company can ease and shorten the process. Engage a specialized, local, flexible, and available attorney for a fulfilling client relationship.