What Do Real Estate Attorneys Do?

A real estate attorney is an attorney who has not only undergone all the required schooling but also passed the bar exam to practice law. They likely continued on to take specialized training or took the necessary courses during law school as their elective courses. In general, a real estate attorney is an attorney whose main focus is that of real estate and the legal aspects of it. You can learn more about real estate attorneys and how they can be of service by continuing with this reading.

Some states require real estate attorneys

There are some areas that may require you to have a real estate attorney to be present for any transaction that deals with real estate, whether it be regarding land, residential homes, or any type of commercial space. In some cases where that is not required, people will still decide to have a real estate attorney present because they feel this is the best way to ensure that the transaction goes through smoothly and that there won't be any problems that come up later due to mistakes that could have been avoided had there been an attorney present. Sometimes, there are complexities to a transaction, so a real estate attorney will be asked to be present to help catch issues and avoid confusion. 

Real estate attorneys can also tend to the contracts

A real estate attorney may also prepare real estate documents. They can also review documents to make sure there isn't anything in them that their client didn't understand and that they wouldn't want to agree to. The attorney can also make modifications to a contract. 

Real estate attorneys can be present to avoid issues

For a real estate purchase, the attorney can prepare the documents, take care of the title searches, and take care of the loan documents. They will also be present during the closing in order to ensure that the closing on the property is legally binding. 

Real estate attorneys can represent a party during a dispute

Another thing that a real estate attorney can do is to represent a client during a dispute that has to do with real estate. The dispute can include things like disputes over property lines, disputes over a seller not being forthcoming during a sale, or something else that has to do with land or buildings. Anytime someone could be looking at a lawsuit and it has to do with real estate, getting a real estate attorney is important.

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