Three Things To Watch For In A Construction Zone

Most motorists view construction zones somewhere between a necessary evil and a major menace. However, whatever you think about these areas, you'll need to accept that they're a part of driving. There can be a lot going on when you enter a construction zone, and it's important that you get through this area safely. Many jurisdictions mandate stiffer penalties for drivers who are charged with traffic violations in construction zones, so a simple oversight on your part could lead to an expensive ticket and the loss of points. Here are three things to watch for when you enter a construction zone.

Staying In Your Lane

Traffic going through a construction zone may be several lanes wide, and this can have you thinking about switching lanes in an effort to get through the zone faster. What you should know, however, is that changing lanes inside of a construction zone is often a violation. In fact, you'll frequently see signs in construction zones that remind drivers of the need to remain in their chosen lane until they exit the zone. As you approach a construction zone, decide whether you want to be in the left lane or the right lane and position your vehicle accordingly with the intention of staying there until the zone ends.

Heeding The Sign Person

A big change that motorists experience in traffic zones is needing to watch for a sign person. These crew members wear bright attire to increase their visibility and serve as the foremost authority from one end of the construction zone to the other. You might sometimes get frustrated with the sign person, but you must always heed what he or she requests. Violating the sign person's instruction — for example, speeding past when he or she has a "stop" sign displayed — can result in a ticket.

Giving Right Of Way

You'll need to be prepared to give the right of way to construction vehicles at various times. This is especially true in construction zones in which the traffic is moving more slowly, as dump trucks, loaders, and other equipment may need to back out or drive out in front of you to continue down the road. Failing to yield to allow these vehicles enough space could potentially result in a driving infraction. If you've received a ticket because of a construction zone violation, discuss the circumstances of your situation with a traffic violation attorney like Kevin T Conway Esq Pc.