3 Huge Advantages To Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been struggling with your recovery from an accident that wasn't your fault? Are you wondering why it seems like the insurance company is making things as difficult as possible for you to file a claim with them? The bad news is that this probably isn't your imagination; it's in the insurance company's best interests to try to delay or even to deny your claim for as long as possible. The good news is that there is something you can do about it. Hiring an attorney can help you to get the money that you're owed. Some of the more immediate advantages of hiring an attorney include:

1. Instant credibility: Each day, insurance companies are bombarded with dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of false accident claims. Although yours is legitimate, the lack of a personal injury attorney can be seen by some insurance agents as a sign that your claim is baseless and that they can safely ignore you. Even before your attorney actually starts negotiations with the insurance company, simply having one on your side is a sign to the insurance agents that they now need to pay attention and prioritize your claim. As a result, it could only be a few days until you get a viable offer on your claim.

2. Red tape avoidance: Some insurance companies don't purposely discriminate against people who have no personal injury attorney to represent them, yet they make the claims process so convoluted and complicated that the average person isn't able to do everything correctly. This can lead to mountains of red tape as you try to navigate the system. With years of experience, an attorney will already know exactly what the insurance company expects before he or she even sees your insurance paperwork. A lack of red tape will mean a faster resolution to your claim.

3. Less hassle: As a result of your inability to work due to the accident in question, you're probably getting hassled by not only the insurance company's policies but also by various bill collectors who want your money. Although you'll still have to pay these bills, having a personal injury attorney can help to ease the pressure on you by these people. In many instances, having your attorney talk to your creditors and tell them that you fully intend to pay but that you're waiting for your insurance settlement to arrive is going to be sufficient to get them to stop calling you for anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. That will give you more time to rest, recuperate, and to get your affairs in order. 

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