Determining If You Should Hire A Special Education Attorney

Advocating for a child with special needs can be challenging. You want your child to receive the best possible education in order to ensure that he or she is able to be successful later in life, but working with school administrators and other officials can present a unique challenge. In some instances, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney to advocate on behalf of your child.

Here are three factors that you should take into consideration when determining if you should hire a special education attorney to represent your child's needs in the future.

1. The school district's willingness to work with you.

Some school districts are more than willing to accommodate the needs of children in special education classes, while others are resistant to implementing changes that might benefit your child. When you are trying to determine if you need the help of an attorney, you should consider whether or not your school district is willing to work with you.

If you are unable to reason with administrators on your own, then having the help of a special education attorney will ensure that you are able to take legal action in order to get the school district to accommodate your child's needs.

2. The school district's representation.

As you are trying to determine whether or not you need to hire a special education attorney, it can be beneficial to evaluate who is representing the school district in your interactions. If the school district opt to communicate with you through their attorney, you might want to consider hiring a lawyer so that you can enjoy the same protection.

A special education attorney will be able to help you navigate the communication process while remaining in compliance with all of the school district's mandates so that the district's attorney will not be able to dismiss your requests to accommodate your child based on a technicality.

3. The type of treatment your child is receiving.

If your child is not receiving the proper treatment in his or her special education classes, it can be beneficial to hire an attorney who specializes in special education cases. You will need to follow proper procedure when filing a complaint and attempting to work with the school district as you try to remedy your child's situation.

Having an attorney advise you on the best course of action will ensure that you are able to take the school district to court if changes are not made on your child's behalf.

Advocating for your child's educational needs can be easier with the help of an attorney. Consider working with a special education attorney to advocate for your child in the future.