Faqs After A Work-Related Car Accident

Work-related car accidents are some of the most tricky accidents to sort out, given that there are many people with a stake in the outcome. Here are some common questions asked after this type of accident.

Who Will Handle the Bills?

Your first question is probably who will be financially responsible. Unfortunately, it's hard to give an answer. If the other driver was at fault, their insurance is responsible; if not, your employer's insurance will cover the costs. But a worker's compensation claim will also likely be filed if you are injured.

What Kind of Care Should I Seek?

You should seek out as much medical care as you need to, until you are 100% recovered. The insurance company at fault will be obligated to pay for adequate medical care. For car accidents, it's advised that you first visit an ER or urgent care center. From there, you may be referred to a chiropractor, a physical or occupational therapist, or an orthopedic surgeon for follow up care. Whatever your physician recommends, do follow up on these appointments, since they are how you will continue to document your injury.

Will I Get Time Off of Work?

This depends on the advice of your doctor; a physician's note is required to legally take time off work during a worker's compensation claim.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Whether or not you need a worker's compensation lawyer depends on the situation. With claims where multiple insurers may be at fault, a lawyer can help speed up the claims process so that you aren't left waiting for them to sort it out among themselves.

Workers compensation attorneys are also advised when you are in dispute with one of the parties responsible for the accident. Maybe your boss disputes that you were on the clock during the accident, and they think the money should come out of your personal insurance. Perhaps there was a question of whether the vehicle was commercially insured at all. Or maybe you and the other party in the accident disagree about who was at fault. With any of these disputes in liability and coverage, the claims process can get drawn out and be very frustrating to someone without an experienced lawyer. But, in the end, it is up to you whether you'd like to navigate the issue yourself, or hire a lawyer who can potentially recover more money from the situation. For more information, contact companies like Wolter, Beeman, Lynch & Londrigan LLP.