Social Security Disability: Making Sure Your Meds Aren't Making You Worse

When you are applying for social security disability, there is a fair chance your claim will be denied. Claims are frequently denied all of the time, even when you have substantial evidence to show that you cannot move or cannot function as you once did. When you hire a social security disability lawyer, you may be surprised to hear him or her ask about the medications you are taking. This is actually an important question to answer as it may pertain to your evidence and/or your ability to function. Here is more on that.

Medications and Their Side Effects

Many times the medications prescribed to you cause side effects which seem to worsen your condition. Social security office staff are aware that some medications do this, and may be watching for these medications on applications. Your lawyer may want to know how these medications make you feel, and if you feel better or worse without them. If you are able to go without these medications for a while to see if you feel better or worse, it may have some bearing on why you were refused benefits and/or how you can now argue for getting benefits.

For example, if you take medications to control pain, but your pain is worse, not better, and the additional pain makes it impossible to work, you could be refused benefits. Going off these medications to feel better and finding that you function better may also result in a refusal of benefits. However, feeling no better or worse off of these pain meds supports your claim, and then you have a fighting chance in court to get your benefits.

Researching Medications Related to Disability Claims

Some medications can be red flags for benefit applicants. Your disability lawyer can help you research which medications are going to result in a negative response from SSA, and which ones typically signal that you have a very serious disability. While several other factors are taken into consideration for your disability application, medication is a big one. The SSA looks at the number of medications you take, the number of times per day that you take your medications, and the side effects of those medications (which can make you feel worse). These factors play a major part in your benefits determination. You, with the aid of your disability lawyer, can determine what might be signaling the SSA to give you a fat "no" on your application each time.

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