Understanding The Different Types Of Trademarks

As a business owner, you undoubtedly want to create products or services that are unique and instantly recognizable. One thing that can help you to do that is to "trademark" the things that are specifically related to your business and brand, such as your slogans, your mascots, your designs, and the like. Fortunately, applying for and getting a trademark for these types of things is usually relatively easy. In fact, the hardest part, more often than not, is just determining what type of trademark you need and then filling out the right paperwork to apply for it. There are, luckily, trademark attorneys that can help you with these types of needs, including letting you know which type of trademark will work best in your case.

Suggestive Trademarks

One type of trademark- one of the more complex types- is the suggestive trademark. These trademarks are related to things that merely suggest something about the brand to which they relate.

Take Greyhound buses for example. The picture of the greyhound that is the company's logo and its allusion to speed and reliability are considered suggestive trademarks. 

It can often be difficult to determine whether a trademark truly falls into the "suggestive" category, but an experienced trademark attorney will know for sure if your ideas do and can help you to prove that as you file for this type of trademark.

Word Marks

In some cases, you may want to file for a specialized kind of trademark known as a word mark. Word marks are, as the name implies, trademarked combinations of one or more words or letters.

Keep in mind that applying for a word mark does not protect the shape of your text, the font, or any other design elements, so if you want to protect these things as well, there is another type of trademark for which you will need to apply, something that your attorney can help you with depending on your exact needs.

3-D Trademarks

Also in existence are 3-D trademarks, which are most commonly used when you want to trademark your packaging and its distinct shape and/or design.

As with the other trademarks, certain rules and regulations must be kept in mind when applying for this type of trademark, which is why having an attorney who is experienced in this field is important.

In fact, no matter what type of trademark you're going for- and these are just a few of many examples, it is always in your best interest to seek professional legal counsel, such as from Lingbeck Law Office.