5 Ways Extra Holiday Income Can Impact Your Workers Compensation Case

Understanding the full logistics of a workers compensation case can become complicated. There are multiple factors that go into a case, and this why it's imperative to consult with a professional workers compensation attorney about your case. One area that an attorney will focus on is extra income. During the holidays, it's often common for workers to seek extra income to help pay for travel, festivities, and presents. If you're one of these people, then there are five different ways that the holiday income can help boost your workers compensation payment.

See how many of the following sources of holiday income can apply to your case.

Temporary Holiday Jobs

To help accommodate the influx of shoppers and sales, a lot of retail stores hire employees for the holiday shopping season. If you work an extra job during these months, then all of that income should be a part of your worker's compensation.

Some examples of temporary holiday jobs that you may work at include retail cashiers, holiday gift wrappers, or Christmas display photographer. Over a couple of months, this income adds up and can be a big loss if you are unable to continue employment during that time.

Holiday Crafts

The holiday season is an ideal time to sell crafts. Churches and bazaars are common events where holiday items are sold to be given as gifts.  If you have crafted holiday items in the past, the income from your hobby could be a big income loss.

A variety of crafts may apply. This includes custom Christmas stockings, products that you've sewn, or Christmas ornaments. If you've kept track of sales from past holidays, this is the best way to set up a precedent for your case. Not only should you consider the income that you've earned for the sales, but you should factor in any expenses you've already made for this holiday. Expenses may include reserved tables at craft fairs, yarn, fabric, or Christmas accessories like Santa Claus printouts.

Holiday Baking

Along with crafting, baking is another holiday tradition that can help draw in extra income. Whether you're making a patch of gingerbread cookies or some fruitcake, sales can be made at sports games, bake sales, and other holiday gatherings. If your holiday baking sales have expanded online, then your extra income can actually amount to a good chunk of change.

There is often a demand for cooked products, and this could result in pre-orders that you may have had to cancel. All of those pre-orders can help act as evidence to your case.

Holiday Bonuses

One of the best perks when working at any job is the advantage of receiving a holiday bonus near December. If you were counting on this bonus, you could find yourself missing out due to lost work time. The extra money may be considered a "bonus," but it's likely something that you would have received if you were still able to work. Your attorney can help ensure that the bonus becomes a part of your compensation case. It can help your family through the holidays, much like a real bonus would have.

Paid Holiday Vacations

When you are out of work due an injury or other condition, one of the main reasons you receive compensation is because you are not getting paid to stay home. If you were working during the holidays, then you would have the ability to earn or use your paid holiday vacations. This means that you could have taken paid holidays for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and days around the big events. Your attorney can determine the amount of paid holidays that you were due and help factor them into your case.

Holiday pay is another factor that could effect your compensation. For example, if you usually worked on Thanksgiving, your attorney can seek the double time pay that you should have received for that holiday. The same thing applies to other winter holidays like New Year's Day.

All of the holiday events are complicated enough as it is. By figuring out the different income aspects, you can build a stronger case and receive the compensation that you deserve. For more information, work with an experienced workers compensation attorney.